Travel Insurance

Assistance + PREMIUM Cancellation


Cancellation causes

1. Severe illness or serious accident or death of the Insured Person, companions on the same trip, certain type of relatives, etc.

2. Serious harm as a result of theft, fire or other damage that affects the residence of the Insured Person or the professional premises.

3. Dismissal of the Insured Person from employment.

4. Appointment to a new job in a different company.

5. Any calls to appear as a party or witness, or to serve jury duty in a court of law.

6. Any calls to act as a member of an electoral college.

7. Attendance at official examinations.

8. Cancellation due to the persons accompanying the Insured Person booked on the same trip and insured under the same policy.

9. Acts of air, land or naval piracy, which prevents the Insured Person from beginning or continuing with his or her trip.

10. Theft of documentation or luggage preventing the Insured Person from starting the trip.

11. Tax obligation to make a parallel income declaration, with a fee of more than €600.

12. Denial of visas for unjustified causes.

13. The compulsory transfer of the work for a period of over 3 months.

14. Unexpected appointment of surgical operation of the Insured Person, companions on the same trip, certain type of relatives, etc.

15. Complications of pregnancy or miscarriage of the Insured Person, spouse or civil partners

16. The official declaration of a disaster area in the place of residence of the Insured Person or at the trip's destination

17. Winning a trip and/or stay similar to the one covered, free of charge, in a public prize draw before a notary public.

18. Detention of the Insured Person by the police for non-criminal causes.

19. Trips or processes planned and required for formalising the delivery of a child being adopted.

20. Official divorce summons of the Insured Person.

21. Work contract extension for the Insured Person.

22. Official grants preventing the trip from taking place.

23. Unexpected call for organ transplant of the Insured person, relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, or the com-panion of the Insured person.

24. The Insured Person's signature on official documents during the dates of the trip, exclusively before Public Administrations.

25. Any serious illness suffered by children of under 48 months old, which prevents the trip from taking place.

26. Legal declaration of insolvency by a company, which prevents the Insured Person from pursuing his/her professional activity.

27. Breakdown or accident of the vehicle owned by the Insured preventing the start or the continuity of the trip.

28. Expenses involving the transfer of the Insured Person's travel arrangements to another person due to any of the guaranteed causes.

29. Cancellation of wedding arrangements, provided that the insured trip is a honeymoon trip.

30. Abandoning the trip due to a delay of more than 24 hours in the method of transport, caused by the purpose of the trip ceasing to exist.

31. Theft, death, illness or serious accident of the pet that belongs to the Insured Person, spouse or civil partners.

32. Presentation of Redundancy Plan that affects the Insured directly as an employee and in which his working hours are totally or partially reduced.

33. An urgent call to ranks to the Armed Forces, the Police Force or the Fire Brigade.

34. Traffic fine of more than €600.

35. Serious illness or accident or death of the direct superior of the Insured Person.

36. A summons for urgent medical tests of the Insured or first degree family members, carried out by the Public Health Service.

37. Early childbirth, in the first 29 weeks of pregnancy, of the Insured Person.

38. An accident in the home of the Insured Person.

39. Theft of the vehicle owned by the Insured Person, preventing him or her from beginning or continuing the trip.

40. Consequences of vaccination required for a trip, provided that they cause a severe illness that impedes travelling.

✅ If the insured tests positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as long as it involves medical quarantine isolation or is considered a serious illness.

✅ Urgent incorporation as a health worker in crisis by COVID-19

✅ Reduction of the insured's working hours if his salary is reduced by more than 50%. The cause by COVID-19 is included.

✅ Due to severe coronavirus disease (COVID-19) of a first-degree relative.

Dont't forget that...

For the cancellation expenses guarantee to be valid, the insurance must be contracted on the same day as the reservation confirmation (hotel, flight...) or, at most, within 7 days following.

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