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Medical expenses include COVID-19 illness

In case of illness, the traveller will have medical expenses covered up to € 65,000, extendable up to € 115,000. COVID-19 include.

Cancellation for positive in COVID-19

In case of testing positive for COVID-19 disease before the trip, the insured may recover the cancellation costs of the trip (maximum limit € 5,000, extendable up to € 11,000). In addition, 41 additional causes of cancellation are covered.

Travel expenses derived from PCR

Under medical prescription if the insured has symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 disease.

Extension of stay due to medical quarantine when testing positive for COVID-19

In case of needing to extend the stay at the hotel due to COVID-19 or another illness, the traveler will have accommodation expenses covered with up to € 85 / day for a maximum of 10 days.

Medical transfer and repatriation

In case of testing positive for COVID-19 and having received the relevant assistance at the destination and the extension of stay due to said illness, if the traveller has lost their transportation back home, we will take care of managing it.

More covers

1. Assistance

- Transfer of a relative in the event of hospitalisation (unlimited)
- Repatriation or transport of to two companions (unlimited)
- Shipment of medication abroad
- Legal aid at a distance on journeys
- Hijacking costs (up to € 4.000)

2. Baggages

- Robbery and material damage to luggage (up to € 2.200)
- Delay in the delivery of checked luggage (up to € 360)
- Shipment of property left behind or stolen during the trip (up to € 125)
- Procedure costs for the loss or robbery of documents (up to € 250)

3. Loss of services

- Refund for holidays not taken (uo to € 4.000) - Overbooking (up to € 550) - Loss of contracted services (up to € 300) - Early return due to hospitalization, death of a family member or serious accident in the home - Missed transport connections (up to € 800)

4. Cancellation

- Cancellation for positive in COVID-19 and 40 more causes, discover all

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